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ReGeneration (2009)

Title: ReGeneration (2009)
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 80 min(s)
Release: 2012-08-14 (DVD)
0000-00-00 (Theater)
Cast: Ryan Gosling Mos Def Amy Goodman Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn
Genre: Documentary Special Interest

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012)

Title: Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012)
Rated: R
Runtime: 107 min(s)
Release: 0000-00-00 (DVD)
2012-06-15 (Theater)
Cast: Mos Def Eminem Snoop Dogg Ice-T Kanye West
Genre: Musical & Performing Arts Documentary

Ice-T takes us on an intimate journey into the heart and soul of hip-hop with the legends of rap music. This performance documentary goes beyond the stardom and the bling to explore what goes on inside the minds, and erupts from the lips, of the grandmasters of rap. Recognized as the godfather of Gangsta rap, Ice-T is granted unparalleled access to the personal lives of the masters of this artform that he credits for saving his life. Interspersed with the performers' insightful, touching, and often funny revelations are classic raps, freestyle rhymes, and never before heard a cappellas straight from the mouths of the creators. What emerges is a better understanding of, and a tribute to, an original American art form that brought poetry to a new generation.

Re:Generation (2012)

Title: Re:Generation (2012)
Rated: Unrated
Runtime: 90 min(s)
Release: 0000-00-00 (DVD)
2012-02-16 (Theater)
Cast: Ralph Stanley Erykah Badu Mos Def Crystal Method LeAnn Rimes
Genre: Musical & Performing Arts Documentary

A catalyst for musical innovation, Re:Generation Music Project is a new documentary that examines music's past, present and future, while yielding five revolutionary collaborations in the process. Directed by award-winning documentarian, Amir Bar-Lev, the documentary follows five electronic DJs/producers as they re-imagine music collaborating with influential artists from each genre. In the film, The Crystal Method, DJ Premier, Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson, and Skrillex use technology to mix musical styles and generations for the creation of five original tracks that are nothing short of magical. Re:Generation Music Project will enjoy a unique nationwide, one-night only theatrical release in select cities and venues on Feb. 16, 2012. Encore screenings to be scheduled for Feb 23rd. -- (C) Official Site