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Bob’s New Suit (2013)

Title: Bob's New Suit (2013)
Rated: Unrated
Runtime: 95 min(s)
Release: 2013-03-26 (DVD)
2013-03-22 (Theater)
Cast: Hayley DuMond Jenny Shimizu Shay Astar Charlie Babcock Hunter Bodine
Genre: Drama

Bob Goodlow is a landscape gardener and handyman. His dad Buster, a patriotic ex-aerospace worker with a secret past, is unemployed and suffering from congestive heart failure. Bob's sister Stephanie does the books for her girlfriend Marlena's hair salon and holds a secret of her own, just bursting to come out. Polly, their mother, helps with the struggling finances by selling antique dolls on Ebay and worries for everyone, as only mothers can. When Bob proposes to his long time love, Jenny, and his "too cool" cousin, George, proposes a get-rich quick scheme, a series of events unfold which changes their lives forever.

Generation Um… (2012)

Title: Generation Um... (2012)
Rated: R
Runtime: 90 min(s)
Release: 2013-05-28 (DVD)
2013-05-03 (Theater)
Cast: Keanu Reeves Bojana Novakovic Adelaide Clemens Daniel Sunjata Jake Hoffman
Genre: Drama

After partying in New York City last night, John and his beautiful girlfriends Mia and Violet form an intimate bond as their deepest secrets from their past are revealed. Friendships are tested and compromises are made as these three friends prepare to do it all again tonight.(c) Official FB

Burning Man (2012)

Title: Burning Man (2012)
Rated: Unrated
Runtime: 109 min(s)
Release: 0000-00-00 (DVD)
2012-07-27 (Theater)
Cast: Matthew Goode Bojana Novakovic Essie Davis Kerry Fox Rachel Griffiths
Genre: Drama Romance Art House & International Comedy

An English chef with a chic restaurant on Bondi Beach trying to put his life and his relationship with his son back on track while surrounded by women.

Not Suitable for Children (2012)

Title: Not Suitable for Children (2012)
Rated: R
Runtime: 96 min(s)
Release: 2013-04-16 (DVD)
0000-00-00 (Theater)
Cast: Ryan Kwanten Ryan Corr Sarah Snook Bojana Novakovic Laura Brent
Genre: Drama Romance Art House & International Comedy

A young playboy who learns he has one month until he becomes infertile sets out to procreate as much as possible.